Community Bankers College

The Community Bankers Association of Georgia provides specialized professional education that supports the industries compliance requirements, training needs, leadership development and talent management.  Our association’s Community Bankers College has been recognized on a national level for its invaluable educational programs. 

CBA’s catalog of professional development courses includes single and multi-day programs, round tables, schools, conferences, and webinars.  Education programs are held throughout Georgia to meet the specific needs of community bankers and their communities both in person, virtual, and on hybrid platforms. The Community Bankers College has educational options for all positions designed to fit your schedule and budget.  We provide continuing professional education credits (CPEs), upon request.  Member banks receive discounted pricing on all educational programs, member savings on educational programs can quickly pay for the bank’s annual membership dues!
CBA First!  How can we meet your education needs?

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PictureKristi Greer​, CBA’s Director of Professional Development, has 25 years in the community banking industry with a passion for delivering effective education opportunities that support knowledge transfer.

PictureBecky Soto, has 20 years of service in our industry and values learning and development by ensuring CBA education offerings are professional, well organized and every attendee leaves with multiple lessons learned.   


Webinar Partner
The Community Bankers Webinar Network offers a wide variety of training topics that provide for a flexible learning option.  Choosing a webinar that fits your banks needs also allows for you to participate live or receive a recording to be played back for unlimited internal employees and board members.

Our members simply search for the webinar of choice, select and use the electronic web portal to register and pay for the webinar.  Webinar confirmation instructions are sent to the registered attendee within 24 hours of the live program. 

ICBA Affiliate Education Program
Collaborating with ICBA gives our members even more choices to support the learning and development goals of the financial institution.  We are here to help you find the best training to fit your needs.  Call us and we will help make a connection. Check out ICBA Education. 
When selecting to register for a ICBA Education, please use our state association code. ​ Using the code will alert ICBA to give back to Georgia through our alliance in supporting the community banking industry. 
State Association Code: GA-CBA
The new Affiliate Education Program will ensure that collectively, we put community banks in contact with the training tools necessary to grow bankers’ knowledge and skills.  Let’s all win by increasing knowledge, improving efficiency, and investing in our employees while working together to uplift the industry we love—COMMUNITY BANKING!

Education Buzz – Ongoing Professional Development
Ask yourself and your bank team members these questions:
  • What education do we need to align with our organizational goals and our mission?
  • What do our leaders and employees need to understand and know how to do?
  • Have we created a budget for our education needs to support employee engagement and motivation?
  • Contact CBA First!
    • Check our listing.
    • Call and discuss to match the right class with your need/goals

CBA of GA’s Community Bankers College works to serve you and your community bank professional development needs.  Tell us what we can do to better serve you, contact us to discuss your goals, needs and suggestions as we enhance your learning experience.