April 2024 - Community Banking Month


 Every year, CBA distinguishes April as Community Banking Month recognizing the unique spirit which makes community banks the foundation of their communities throughout Georgia.

Participating in Community Banking Month gives you the opportunity to highlight all your bank does to benefit your community. Every year Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) designs promotional items to help member banks celebrate Community Banking! Participation in this excellent advertising campaign will help boost your public relations image and prove your bank is an important foundation to your community.

This recognition of America's local banks is establishing itself as a strong tradition in the community banking industry. Now is the time to begin planning how you will show appreciation to your loyal customers and demonstrate the importance of community banking to the public. CBA hopes you will join the nation in showing off the spirit and love for your community and participate in this year's Community Banking Month!

For more information, please contact Lindsay Greene.

Join in the fun on social media by using the hashtags #BankLocalGA, #GoLocal, #ILoveMyCommunityBank, or #CommunityBankingMonth we can share your posts and give others ideas on how they can also celebrate community banking!

Governor Brian Kemp has kicked off the 2024 celebration by declaring April 2023 as Community Banking Month.  Again this year, CBA is offering promotional materials to use for your website and social media channels! Have your bank show your appreciation for your local customers by using these banners and headers.

Gov. Kemp Declares April 2024 as Community Banking Month – Proclamation


#BankLocalGA #GoLocal #ILoveMyCommunityBank #CommunityBankingMonth


Sample Tweets

As we celebrate #CommunityBankingMonth, we're not just highlighting our efforts to make our community better, we're showcasing our partnership with YOU, our neighbors, friends and customers! #GoLocal

Community Banking Month Press Release

Ways to Celebrate Community Banking Month

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