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2024 BSA: AML/CFT Forum & R.A.P. - Quarter 1

2024 BSA: AML/CFT Forum & R.A.P. - Quarter 1

Roundtable Advice for Professional Development
In - Person and Virtual

Thursday, February 22, 2024
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

BSA: AML/CFT Forum & R.A.P.
Roundtable Advice for Professional Development

Join your BSA peers at CBA’s refreshed roundtable programming.  On February 22, 2024, your BSA facilitators, Kristin Harville & Dianne Barton, will bring the latest updates to support your bank’s Bank Secrecy Act policies and procedures.   BSA Professionals collaborate with the facilitators to determine agenda topics while discussing and formulating tools to support BSA examination success.  Email to provide your topics and current concerns to help us prepare the key areas of focus for the program.  


Dianne Barton, President
Performance Solutions, Inc.

Kristin Harville, PSI
Performance Solutions, Inc.

Learning Goals include:

  • Ongoing knowledge development of Bank Secrecy Act
  • Increase networking opportunities with peers
  • Gain answers to questions that will support policy and procedure enhancements

Discussion items in addition to Beneficial Ownership Update:

  • Has anyone had a recent regulatory BSA exam?  What were the hot topics?
  • Non-resident alien account opening procedures
  • What are other BSA Teams and banks doing to combat check fraud?
  • How does your bank approve and document exceptions to your CIP Policy?
  • Are you identifying cash v. checks in your AML monitoring system for ATM imaged deposits?
  • High Risk Products and Services – Bitcoin ATMs
  • Specific Questions on:   OFAC, Third Party Risks and Indirect Lending
  • When filing a SAR on your customer and they are the suspect and victim do you file one SAR or two separate ones?   
  • Check Fraud – Limiting liability on business checks.?  Check Fraud Detection?


Review the Most Current Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) FinCEN Updates Receive Tools, Templates and Resources for:
• Implementing a Bank-Wide BOI Action Plan
• Educating and Updating the Board on BOI
• Training the Bank on the "Must" of BOI
• Responding to Customers' Questions
• PowerPoint Templates Provided
• Key Questions and Challenges Shared
• Action Planning

    Dianne Barton is president of Performance Solutions, Inc. (PSI), a training and consulting company that specializes in providing solutions to the key challenges facing banks in attracting and building relationships with customers. PSI's training programs are designed to “close the gap” between the banks’ needs and employees' skills. Her trademark “real world” scenarios give participants insight into the practical application of new skills and knowledge.

    Kristin Harville is a Senior Consultant with PSI. As a former Compliance Director and Bank Examiner, she is a highly respected Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and Certified AML and Fraud Professional (CAFP), with a Juris Master’s Degree in Law (Major in Financial Regulation). With over 20 years of regulatory experience in BSA/AML/CFT, Deposit and Lending Regulatory Compliance, Internal Audit, Compliance Risk Assessment, Compliance Training & Development, and Enterprise Risk Management. Her goal is to consistently provide practical "real world solutions" for today's compliance community. Kristin is a dedicated, results-oriented facilitator and consultant. 


    February 22
    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM BSA: AML/CFT Subject Matter Training
    12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Networking Lunch
    12:45 PM - 3:00 PM Roundtable Discussion Topics

    For More Information:

    Becky Soto
    Becky Soto
    Assistant Vice President Community Bankers Association of Georgia (770)541-4490

    BSA Officers, specialists & support team members.