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2023 Retail Banking Leadership Q4

2023 Retail Banking Leadership Q4

Raising the Bar for Sustainable Growth

Tuesday, October 17, 2023
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

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In today’s competitive environment, banks must continuously improve and adapt to meet the needs of a changing workforce, new generations of clients, and rapidly and ever-evolving technology. So, we also continue to update and revise this Branch/Retail Leadership Series to meet the changing demands you face as a Retail Banking leader.

Whether you are an aspiring retail leader, are brand new to a management role, or you have been in a bank or other management role for many years, you can expect to develop your aptitude as follows by fully engaging this course series:
  • Create and execute an effective business plan
  • Lead with clear vision, mission, and values
  • Give your team members the attention they need and get your tasks done
  • Understand how to relate to others more effectively
  • Find a better balance with your career and personal life
  • Identify and mitigate risks in managing people and resources
  • Build your emotional intelligence to better manage conflict
  • Hire, promote, and retain “the best” talent
  • Effectively address underperformers
  • Build a caring team culture
  • Make work fun and rewarding and focused and accountable
  • Motivate all generations of team members
  • Grow deposits, loans, and generate more referrals
  • Serve clients with excellence and consistency
  • Proactively develop business with confidence
  • Ensure a culture of compliance
  • And more . . .
Session IV focuses on maximizing results with minimal effort. Bankers learn new methods for building connections and partnerships with leaders, team members, and stakeholders across the organization. Participants will also learn how to streamline operations to improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

The agenda includes:
  • Business Planning: Creating a Pathway for Sustainable Growth
  • Leading through Planned and Unplanned Change
  • Navigating the Team through Crisis
  • Creating Connection and Building Support Across the Bank
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence: Handling Conflict and Personalities
  • Streamlining Retail Operations: Lending, Compliance, Security, Project Management, Customer Care, and More
  • Success Strategies for the Overcommitted Retail Banker
  • Cementing the New Culture: Executing Your Business Plan

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Becky Soto
Becky Soto
Assistant Vice President Community Bankers Association of Georgia (770)541-4490