2023 Fall Advocacy Programs | 8/30/23

CBA Today eNewsletter,

It is hard to believe that we are only a few shorts months away from our next legislative session.  Legislators are in fundraising mode right now trying to fill their accounts in preparation for next years election.  Many study committees are in full force where legislators are vetting issues that may or may not need legislative fixes to resolve the issue.  CBA has several key Advocacy events remaining in 2023 and we’d love to have you join us for one of our events.  These events are a way for us to raise funds for our advocacy efforts.  Remember that advocacy is a way for us to advance the community banking industry with legislators. 

CBA will take you out to the Ballgame on September 9th for the Braves vs. Pirates at 7:20PM.  Before the game, bankers can join us for a MVP tailgate party at Galleria 500 Land where we will have family games, a food truck and more.  After the tailgating, we will walk together to the stadium.


Town Hall Talks are scheduled in Shelman on September 20th, Waycross on November 8th, and Vidalia on November 9th.  CBA hosts these banker only events where attendees will have the opportunity to engage with your legislators in a Q&A session and hear their perspectives on legislative issues that may impact community banks.

CBA’s annual Clay Shoots will be held in Albany on September 21st and Mansfield on October 19th.  We’d love to have you join us for a morning or afternoon flight of clays or perhaps you could volunteer to be a trapper for a team.  Either way, this is a fun day away from the office to raise Advocacy funds. 

Yes, you can make a difference.  Everyone has a voice individually and collectively our voice means a lot for the community banking industry.  Make your voice heard.