2023 Legislative Session - Legislative Preview

Posted By: Lori Godfrey Advocacy Update,

Legislature Convenes Monday


The Georgia General Assembly will convene for the first day of the 2023 session on Monday, January 9. The day will begin with the swearing-in of members of the House and Senate elected in November. As the first year in a two-year legislative cycle, no legislation from previous sessions carries over.

Several lawmakers will travel to Los Angeles Monday afternoon to attend the college football national championship game featuring the University of Georgia. No business is expected on Tuesday, and we anticipate a return to session on Wednesday, with inaugural festivities for Governor Brian Kemp and other constitutional officers later in the week.

What We’re Watching

While the first days of a new session are largely ceremonial, important administrative actions also take place. The House and Senate will officially install their internal leadership, which includes significant turnover. Jon Burns will be elected to his first term as Speaker of the House following the resignation and subsequent passing of David Ralston. We are also watching for the announcement of new committee chairs and committee assignments, as more than 50 new lawmakers are brought on board.

Runoff Elections

Several pockets of the state remain in election mode. Most races will be determined on January 31 and victors will be seated in the legislature immediately. Republicans are expected to maintain each of these four seats: