Addressing the Talent Gap - CBA's HR/TD Conference 2024

CBA Today eNewsletter,

Did you know there are 8.8 million unfilled jobs in the US?  323,000 of these are in Georgia.

What are we doing as an industry to invest in the talent we have so that we can continue safe and sound banking operations while maintaining a great workforce?

CBA’s HR & Talent Development League continues to bring beneficial professional development opportunities for your human resource professionals.  Julie Shadwick, Pineland Bank, shared, “This was one of the best HR conferences.  All the material was relevant and informative.”   Similarly, April Mills, Bank of Hazelhurst added, “I am new, the entire HR conferences was beneficial honestly, specifically gaining a network of other employees that I can reach out to is valuable.”

This year's conference featured a comprehensive agenda addressing key challenges and opportunities in talent development. Topics ranged from updates provided by the Georgia Department of Labor to discussions on FLSA exempt or non-exempt salary status. Attendees delved into compensation trends and strategies for making informed decisions.  Bankers learned about mental health and what employees expect from their employers to foster a supportive work environment.  Discussions extended to benefits, training, roundtable questions and take aways to enhance personnel policies. 

We extend our gratitude to each attendee, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor for participating and supporting another successful program.

The conference (and our league) serves as a platform for HR leaders to exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices in navigating the evolving landscape of human resource management within banking institutions. As the industry grapples with a widening talent gap, initiatives such as the CBA’s HR & Talent Development League play a vital role in equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain robust banking operations while fostering a dynamic and engaged workforce.  Consider joining the next event.  We will R.A.P. (Roundtable Advice for Professional Development) on July 19th in Macon.