CONNECT Presentation: Innovate or DIE!: Embracing the Future of Financial Technology

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David Peterson CBA is pleased to feature one of the many dynamic speakers at the 2024 CONNECT convention. David Peterson, SVP, Chief Innovation Officer, First National Bankers Bank, will present on “Innovate or DIE!: Embracing the Future of Financial Technology.

Financial services face a coming inflection point as attracting and keeping younger customers becomes more imperative.  Younger digital natives are entering the workforce and yet are not driven to open a traditional banking account, instead opting for “banking with P2P services and neobank alternatives."  Financial institutions need to rethink their approach to what it means to be a financial institution and take on a “customer experience” first mentality in planning for the transition in service offerings.

Fintech pioneer and internationally recognized speaker David Peterson will lead attendees through the steps that are needed to recognize the inflection point and detail strategies for successfully navigating the coming challenge of convincing future customers that having a primary financial institution relationship is strategically important.  Learn more about CONNECT and register today!