New Bills that CBA is Tracking

Posted By: Lori Godfrey Advocacy Update,

H.B. 1610 Local Government Investment Policies by Rep. Bruce Williamson (R), Monroe. The bill requires local governments to adhere to an investment policy describing the objectives, including the safety of capital, sufficient liquidity, management, and reduction of portfolio risks. CBA has spoken with the author of the bill to express concerns with the section 36-83A-7 of the bill as it relates to bank deposits held for investment purposes. We will continue to work with the author of the bill if the bill progresses.

H.R. 1149 House Study Committee on Regulation, Affordability, and Access to Housing by Rep. Dale Washburn (R), Macon. The resolution was assigned to the Small Business Development Committee.

S.B. 644 Inspection of Converted Motor Vehicles by Sen. Clint Dixon (R), Buford. The bill requires that the Department inspect converted motor vehicles before a certificate of registrations is issued. Converted motor vehicles means “any unconventional motor vehicles that has been altered from the original manufactured condition by an owner or third party”. The bill was assigned to the Public Safety Committee.

S.R. 741 Study Committee on the Creation of a Georgia Cybersecurity Force by Sen. Jason Anavitarte (R), Dallas.