Keeping Up with Social Media and New Platforms

Marketing Resources Blog,

​TikTok anyone? Ready for a new recreated Twitter platform? Is Facebook still relevant? Since the beginning of social media, there has always been THE question of which platforms are important and work best for businesses – especially community banks. The answer is all of them, depending on your goals and resources.

There are more than 100 social media sites worldwide but none of them will be an effective method of amplifying your messaging until you develop a strategy, stick to it, and revise it at least annually. Some key elements of a social media strategy include:
Know who you want to reach.
Find out details about who your current and potential customers are and what they like. Consider their common traits and interests. Are they business owners? What interests or hobbies do they have? Is there a certain age group or location that stands out? What social channels do they follow? If your target audience is flocking to the newest social media platform, research it before jumping in. Different platforms require different messaging, images, frequency, and interactions.
What do you want your target audiences to do?
Get specific about what you want the groups you have identified as potential customers to do. Social messaging falls into four buckets: messages educate, inspire, entertain, or drive action -- and your business goals determine the right messaging mix. To educate potential customers about your company, create captivating messages and graphics that explain what makes you different from others. Offer a deal or incentive, create a loyalty program, or post information that shares how you can help people with their needs. Of course, customer testimonials are powerful ways to share your organization’s story.
How do you implement the strategy?
Grab people’s attention with consistent, frequent messaging in your brand voice and with eye-catching images that stop them from scrolling. It’s not an easy task! It requires a strategic approach that is accomplished by creating exceptional content and visuals and providing constant monitoring.
Social media can seem daunting, but with research, planning, selecting the right-fit platforms, and creating great content, you can successfully reach potential customers to make them aware of your company – and encourage them to do business with you!