Fundamentals of Fintech

Innovation Events,
Staying up to speed, you're not alone.
How can a bank stay up to speed rather than having to play catch up?
Where does fintech fit in?

What does my digital evolution journey look like?
You're not alone.
In the end, we all want convenience.
What's next for your bank?
Anytime - Anywhere banking.
Covid has forever changed banking.
There is a great opportunity for bankers across the state.
What's next for your bank?
Fundamentals of Fintech Video Toolkit includes:
• 50-minute video
- The video is to be used for internal training purposes only.
- The video and educational toolkit is subject to copyright laws.
DISCLAIMER: This video is the sole property of Community Bankers Association of Georgia. The information is strictly for the use of paid recipients and may not be reproduced or circulated without the written consent from Community Bankers Association of Georgia. Any illegal reproduction or distribution of this content will result in immediate legal action.
• Worksheet
- The worksheet can be printed and distributed to employees for completion. The goal of the worksheet is to provide an additional learning resource to support effective education. The completed worksheet can be turned in along with a signed attendance sheet to request Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.
• Attendance Sheet
- Complete the attendance sheet to document the internal training attendance.
- Obtain signatures of attendees for proper CPE request documentation.
• Instructions to request Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.
- Submit a request to obtain a letter for one hour earned. CBA of GA CPE letters are accepted towards a variety of certifications that require ongoing education.
- Additional Resources