LEAD Board Tours the Federal Reserve Bank

CBA Today eNewsletter,

CBA’s Leadership Engagement aims to promote the advancement of tomorrow’s financial industry leaders while encouraging meaningful relationships between CBA and its members.

On Wednesday, April 10, our LEAD Board held an in-person meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  Our meeting focused on putting together plans to support the LEAD board initiatives including Membership & Talent Management, Professional Development & Advocacy & PAC.  The LEAD Board is passionate about engaging our members to gain the full benefits of membership.  Therefore, they are working together to inform our entire membership of the association’s services and program offerings all while creating fundraising efforts to support advocacy.  Be on the look for a new community banking t-shirt to help us increase awareness of our great industry.  CBA’s President/CEO, John McNair shared insight on the associations efforts and how we can provide value to our bankers through the enhanced services that we provide.  During the meeting, we had the privilege of receiving an industry update from Reggie Chever, Regional Executive of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Reggie’s time with the board allowed us to discuss topics about price stability, employment and labor trends, and outreach that supports knowledge gathering to understand the economy.  We closed the meeting by taking a tour of the Federal Reserve, learning the history, seeing the innovation of robots moving money from one area to the next, and receiving shredded money as a token of remembrance for our time.  We are grateful to John Douglas and his team at the Federal Reserve for hosting our meeting and sharing their hospitality with us.  The LEAD Board would also like to thank Jessi Englert, TIB for sponsoring the LEAD Board dinner on Tuesday evening.  

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